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Amor comprado / Купленная любовь

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[реклама вместо картинки]

Венесуэла-США, 2007-2008

Производство: Venevisión International, Univisión Network

Режиссёр: Яки Ортега

Сценарист: Вероника Суарес

Музыкальная тема: "Puede Ser" в исполнении Grupo Ashta

В ролях:

Элизабет Гутьеррес - Мариана Гомес
Хосе Анхель Льямас - Вилли / Гильермо Канту
Марджори де Соуса - Марго Теран
Рауль Оливо - Энрике Родригес
Зулли Монтеро - донья Гертрудис де ла Фуэнте
Хосе Бардина - дон Лусиано де ла Фуэнте
Исабель Морено – Роса дель Монте
Хулиан Хиль – Эстебан Рондеро
Андрес Гарсия мл. – Сантьяго Мендоса
Анна Сильветти – Моргана де ла Фуэнте
Роберто Матеос – Артуро Гарибей
Пати Альварес – Наталия дель Монте
Франклин Виргес – Саладено Ябор
Лаура Ферретти – Тереса де ла Фуэнте
Карен Сентиес – Леонора Гарибей / Пепита
Рейнальдо Крус – Эрнесто Гомес
Марианн Ловера – Элена Суарес
Адриан Карвахаль – Рикардо Гомес
Лианнет Боррего – Вероника Монтеро
Грасиела Доринг – донья Панчита Перес (Франсиска)
Хулио Капоте – Херемиас Товар
Нелида Понсе – Матильда
Сандра Гарсия – сестра Бернарда
Бренда Рикер – Хулиана де ла Фуэнте
Фернандо Каррера – Валентин де ла Фуэнте
Ями Кинтеро – Рената де ла Барка
Бобби Лариос – Иларио Поррас
Карлос Аугусто Мальдонадо – Мартин Кампос



[реклама вместо картинки]






[реклама вместо картинки]
[реклама вместо картинки]



http://www.youtube.com/results?q=amor+c … arch_type=

Amor Comprado
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Amor Comprado
Format Drama / Soap Opera
Created by Veronica Suarez
Directed by Yaky Ortega
Starring Elizabeth Gutierrez
Jose Angel Llamas
Marjorie de Sousa
Opening theme "Puede Ser" by Grupo Ashta
Composer(s) Alejandro Campos
Country of origin USA/Venezuela
Language(s) Spanish
Location(s) Miami, Florida, USA
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Venevisión International
Original run 2007. – 2008.
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Amor Comprado (Bought Love) is a Miami, Florida-made telenovela that is currently produced by Venevisión International for Univision. The telenovela stars Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Jose Angel Llamas, Patricia Álvarez, Marjorie de Sousa and Zully Montero. It is filmed and set in Miami, Florida, USA. The telenovela has replaced Nunca Te Dirè Adiós. It's currently airing on Ecuador at 10:15pm on TC Televisión, Canal 9 on Valencia, Spain and on Telemetro at Panama. It will be scheduled sometime later this year on Venezuela on Venevisión Plus at prime time.

[edit] Plot

Life has not been easy for Mariana. She has grown up in a modest home with a heartless stepmother who treats her like a maid. Her father is a good man, hardworking and loving, but he has never been able to recover from losing Mariana’s mother, who abandoned them 18 years ago, and the heartbreak has made him weak.

Willy, on the other hand, has spent his life in luxury, enjoying the best that money can buy. But he has never been happy. Both his parents died when he was very young, and he was left in the care of his mean-spirited grandmother Gertrudis, who has never loved him. In fact, she only wishes the worst for him, and has succeeded in undermining his self-esteem so that he truly believes no one can ever love him for himself, only for his money. So now, as a grown man, his life is an endless succession of wild parties and meaningless affairs. About to turn 30 in a few days, Willy urgently needs to comply with a clause in his mother’s will stating that if he is not married by 30, the fortune will go to his grandmother. Because Gertrudis does not need the money, being rich in her own right, she is determined to make Willy marry Margot, a young woman she can manipulate to make him miserable.

Willy rebels against this imposition and decides to place a newspaper ad soliciting a wife. Little does he know how much his life will change from that day on.

Mariana’s father is in jail for accidentally killing a young man who tried to rape her, and she needs money for his defense. When she sees Willy’s anonymous ad, she responds out of desperation… and is selected among several candidates to be the millionaire’s bride, without ever meeting him.

But fate will have it that when Mariana and Willy do meet, they will not know each other’s real identity. Both believe they’ve found their one true love, so a few days later, when faced with the truth after signing the agreed marriage contract, things take an unexpected turn. He suddenly sees Mariana as a cunning gold digger, while she feels that she is being bought.

In spite of how much they really feel for each other, the marriage starts out poisoned by mistrust and misunderstanding—which are only exacerbated by the evil deeds of Gertrudis, Margot and others who ruthlessly plot against the couple. Only time —and true love— will help Mariana and Willy find the happiness they deserve.

[edit] Cast

    * Elizabeth Gutierrez - Mariana
    * Jose Angel Llamas - Willy
    * Marjorie de Sousa - Margot
    * Zully Montero - Gertrudis
    * Patricia Alvarez - Natalia
    * Karen Senties - Leonora
    * Jose Bardina - Luciano
    * Fernando Carrera - Valentin
    * Roberto Mateos - Arturo Garibay
    * Nelida Ponce - Matilda
    * Reynaldo Cruz - Ernesto
    * Isabel Moreno - Rosa
    * Anna Silvetti - Morgana
    * Franklin Virguez - Saladeno
    * Laura Ferretti - Teresa
    * Julian Gil - Esteban
    * Graciela Doring - Panchita
    * Andres Garcia Jr. - Santiago
    * Raul Olivo - Enrique
    * Bobby Larios - Hilario
    * Adrian Carvajal - Ricardo
    * Marianne Lovera - Elena
    * Marisela Buitrago - Lisette
    * Carlos Maldonado - Martin
    * Julio Capote - Jeremias
    * Liannet Borrego - Veronica
    * Yami Quintero - Renata
    * Adrian Carvajal - Ricardo (Ricky)



[реклама вместо картинки][реклама вместо картинки]



[реклама вместо картинки]















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Mozes pozalusta skazatj gde mozna skacatj etot serial ??



Da ja bi toze o4enj hotela znatj !!!! Otvete pozaluista



Liannet Borrego - Veronica-я не вижу этой актрисы снимок.Может сможет кто-нибудь покажет?Спасибо заранее!












Вы здесь » Место, Где Можно Найти Всё! » 2007 год » Amor comprado / Купленная любовь